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Adoption Sunday – First Baptist Church Oxford

Herbie preaches on Adoption Sunday.

Herbie Newell Interviewed by Tim Tapp on “Tapp into the Truth” at Blog Talk Radio.

Lifeline Children’s Services promotes the sanctity of life through ministry to young women in the midst of unplanned pregnancy, domestic and international adoption services, foster care,...

The Scoop on Life Podcast: Herbie Newell Interview

Listen in as Chase and Lauren Robinson discuss the value of all human life with Herbie Newell. They cover topics such as the sanctity of...

Interview: When the Wait is Longer Than You Expect (A COVID Update from Lifeline Children’s Services)

Waiting is a normal part of the adoption process. But what happens when your wait seems infinitely long due to a global pandemic? Herbie Newell,...

China Adoptions through a Pandemic

Learn more about how families can engage internationally, specifically through adoption in China.

Adoption in Latin America

Learn more about how your family can adopt or encourage others to adopt from Latin America. Today we will hear from Beth Perez, Program Director of Latin America, and Ferrah Poe, Social Worker and Program Director of Columbia.

New Foster Care Program in Columbia

Oscar and Beth Perez, join us today to discuss the new foster care program in Bogota, Columbia. We are seeing local believers go through the process with the government to become foster families. Our vision at Lifeline is to see the Global Church equipped to manifest the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children.