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Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life by Herbie Newell…Don’t Just Say You’re Prolife Without Understanding What That Means

GUEST AUTHOR: Herbie Newell, author of Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-birth to Pro-Life. Herbie Newell is the President & Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services...

Jesus Loves The Little Children- Herbie Newell of Lifeline Child Joins Dr. Chaps on PIJN Via Skype

Herbie talks about his book, Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life, and what the mission and values of Lifeline Children’s Services are, as well...

TECN® TV: Herbie Newell Interview

Herbie shares his story on how he developed a heart for championing a pro-life movement in the USA and around the world through Lifeline Children’s...

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What It Means to Be Pro-Life, and It’s Not What You Think

Herbie Newell, author of a new book Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life, discuses what it means to be pro-life. Originally aired on theDove...

Herbie Newell & Rabbi Walker discuss his book Image Bearers

Herbie Newell discusses key points in his new book, Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-birth to Pro-Life, including what being pro-life really means, kingdom calling, and...

Herbie speaks at ERLC’s Caring Well Conference

Herbie Newell, President of Lifeline Children’s Service, gives an address at the 2019 Caring Well Conference on restoration and the cycle of abuse.

Vulnerable Children and the Gospel – From Victims to Victors

Herbie Newell preaches at ERLC’s 2018 National Conference on The Cross-Shaped Family.

ERLC 2018 – Adoption and Foster Care, Special Needs, Mental Health

Recently Herbie Newell had the privilege to be a part of a panel discussion at the ERLC’s annual conference for 2018 on The Cross-Shaped Family....

Colombian Orphan Conference: Romans 8:12-17

Herbie preaches at an orphan conference (Conferencia Cuidando de los Huérfanos) in Colombia on Romans 8:12-17.    

The God Who Seeks The Outcast

Herbie preaches on Psalm 146 and how God is the Father to the fatherless and seeks the outcast. Message Notes Small Group Guide Prayer Guide...