Building Legacies: Empowering Older Youth in Foster Care with Sean and Jenny Miller

In this episode of The Defender Podcast, we explore Lifeline Children’s Services’ Heritage Builders program alongside guests Sean and Jenny Miller. The Millers share their inspiring journey with Heritage Builders, shedding light on their personal connection and commitment to serving the foster care community. Through engaging dialogue, we uncover the holistic approach of Heritage Builders, which emphasizes providing both practical life skills and spiritual guidance to older youth in foster care. Sean and Jenny discuss the challenges faced by these individuals as they transition to independence and how the collaborative partnership between Lifeline Children’s Services and local churches is integral in supporting older youth in foster care.


Sean and Jenny Miller are US Missionary Chaplains to foster care through the Assemblies of God. They have five amazing children: Jordan, Eli, Arianna, Avianna, and Thomas. As U.S. Missionaries, their mission is to resource and equip local churches to care for foster children, as well as their birth, foster, and adoptive families. They believe the church is the answer to the orphan care crisis in America.


Herbie Newell is the President & Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services and its ministry arms.


Dr. Rick Morton is the Vice President of Engagement at Lifeline Children’s Services.


Older youth in foster care face challenges as they get close to living independently. Without intervention, these youth often leave the foster care system with little or no positive adult support, limited knowledge of basic life skills, and limited resources. These situations often result in high percentages of unplanned pregnancies, school dropouts, becoming victims of child trafficking, abuse of their future children, and chronic homelessness. 

Through Heritage Builders, Lifeline equips churches to invest in the lives of these youth, both practically and spiritually. Your church can be part of changing the life trajectory of their lives. Visit for more information. 


The mission of Lifeline Children’s Services is to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children. Our vision is for vulnerable children and their communities to be transformed by the gospel and to make disciples. 


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