Opening Hearts and Homes: A Journey into Foster Care with Makyna and Matthew Hart

In this episode of The Defender Podcast, we are joined by foster parents Matthew and Makyna Hart. They share their heartfelt journey of opening their hearts and home to vulnerable children. Against the backdrop of National Foster Care Month, we delve into Lifeline’s mission to mobilize the Body of Christ to support foster families, birth families, and state caseworkers. Join us as we uncover the realities, challenges, and triumphs of fostering, while offering encouragement and practical insights for those considering this meaningful calling.


Matthew and Makyna Hart have been together for 13 years, serving in full-time ministry on staff at Movement Church in Madison, AL. Matthew serves as a worship pastor, while Makyna serves as a Family Pastor. They are both bio, adoptive, and foster parents. Over the past year, they have been actively fostering, having already cared for 10 children. Their passion lies in facilitating family reunification and nurturing enduring relationships with the bio families of the children under their care.


Herbie Newell is the President & Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services and its ministry arms.


Dr. Rick Morton is the Vice President of Engagement at Lifeline Children’s Services.


Children enter foster care through no fault of their own and are in need of a safe, stable place to land while their parents work towards reunification. Lifeline’s hope is that the Body of Christ would be the hands and feet of Jesus to children in foster care, their birth families, and other professionals that serve them. We provide holistic, Gospel centered pre- and post-licensure training to foster families to equip you to enter into the mission field of foster care.

Lifeline also offers training for local churches to equip the Body of Christ to care for these children and families.  While every person may not be called to foster, everyone can play a significant role in supporting and caring for foster families, birth families, and state caseworkers. Visit for more information about how you and your church can get involved in foster care. 


The mission of Lifeline Children’s Services is to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children. Our vision is for vulnerable children and their communities to be transformed by the gospel and to make disciples. 


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