Call to Prayer – Kyrgyzstan – Psalm 146

In this episode Herbie Newell prays with us through Lifeline prayers for Wednesday September 27.

Psalm 146

Prayers for Kyrgyzstan:
1) Kyrgyzstan has 6 million people and 88% of the people practice Islam. Pray the Kyrgyz church would be strengthened and the gospel would multiply throughout the country!
2) Pray for leaders to rise up in this country that will assist in the furtherance of the Gospel, as well as better care for vulnerable children.
3) Pray for the salvation of our team member on the ground, Zhalyn. Renunion coming up
4) Pray for Lifeline’s Adoption reaccreditation.
5) Praise the Lord, Kyrgyzstan has become a Hague country in the past year!
6) Pray for the letters we have submitted to the ministry in regards to an UnAdopted Trip in March. Pray for a response for permission to come into the country for caregiver training at the orphanage in Belevodsk and the orphanage at Tokmok.
7) Pray for our Family Reunion October 7. All of the children came from the same orphanage and still remember each other!
8) Praise God for Sasha as he leads our Eurasia programs from Poland

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