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Amy Coney Barrett and Orphan Sunday coming early

Each year, thousands of churches dedicate one Sunday to advocate and raise awareness for the plight of the fatherless — Orphan Sunday. Traditionally, Orphan Sunday…

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Commentary: Christians Can’t Hit Pause On Caring For and Protecting Orphans, Especially Not Now

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Birmingham couple quarantining in Colombia waiting to adopt son

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Op-Ed: Unexpected pregnancies during an already unexpected crisis

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Op-Ed: Families Count: Ministering To Parents Of Children In Foster Care

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Op-Ed: Pandemic victim: International adoptions and indefinite wait

We all have certain emotional triggers that evoke a deep response in us, but the plight of hurting and vulnerable children should strike a chord…

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COVID-19 making orphan crisis worse, Christians urged to help: ‘The need is great’

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Talking to your children about racial injustice

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The Importance of Family During a Pandemic

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Herbie Newell: Caring for ALL Life

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episode 359 – 25 minutes

Righteous anger spurs us to defend the fatherless.

October 14, 2020 • 25 minutes

Defend the Fatherless

Righteous anger spurs us to defend the fatherless.

October 7, 2020 • 33 minutes

Biblical Mandate for the Vulnerable

Pastor Chris challenges the Church and the community to hear the gospel call to care for the vulnerable. Learn how caring for the vulnerable changed Pastor Chris’s vocation and family one child at a time. Orphan Sunday is a way for churches to grow and develop in supporting orphan care. We as the church need to come alongside the government to help the orphan crisis.

September 30, 2020 • 32 minutes

Eurasia Adoptions through a Pandemic

The Eurasia team discusses how God continues to be at work in Eurasia during a pandemic.

September 23, 2020 • 26 minutes

India Adoptions through a Pandemic

Morgan Terch, Program Manager of India shares more about how families can engage internationally, specifically through adoption in India.

September 16, 2020 • 31 minutes

China Adoptions through a Pandemic

Learn more about how families can engage internationally, specifically through adoption in China.

September 9, 2020 • 32 minutes

Adoption in Latin America

Learn more about how your family can adopt or encourage others to adopt from Latin America. Today we will hear from Beth Perez, Program Director of Latin America, and Ferrah Poe, Social Worker and Program Director of Columbia.


Herbie Newell Interviewed by Tim Tapp on “Tapp into the Truth” at Blog Talk Radio.


The Scoop on Life Podcast: Herbie Newell Interview


Interview: When the Wait is Longer Than You Expect (A COVID Update from Lifeline Children’s Services)


The Empowered Advocate Podcast: A Conversation with Lifeline Children’s Services

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Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life by Herbie Newell…Don’t Just Say You’re Prolife Without Understanding What That Means

GUEST AUTHOR: Herbie Newell, author of Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-birth to Pro-Life. Herbie Newell is the President & Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services…


Jesus Loves The Little Children- Herbie Newell of Lifeline Child Joins Dr. Chaps on PIJN Via Skype

Herbie talks about his book, Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life, and what the mission and values of Lifeline Children’s Services are, as well…


TECN® TV: Herbie Newell Interview

Herbie shares his story on how he developed a heart for championing a pro-life movement in the USA and around the world through Lifeline Children’s…


What It Means to Be Pro-Life, and It’s Not What You Think

Herbie Newell, author of a new book Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life, discuses what it means to be pro-life. Originally aired on theDove…


Herbie Newell & Rabbi Walker discuss his book Image Bearers

Herbie Newell discusses key points in his new book, Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-birth to Pro-Life, including what being pro-life really means, kingdom calling, and…


Herbie speaks at ERLC’s Caring Well Conference

Herbie Newell, President of Lifeline Children’s Service, gives an address at the 2019 Caring Well Conference on restoration and the cycle of abuse.